Superintendent’s Report November


Regular Meeting

6:00PM, Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Brewer High School Lecture Hall

Superintendent’s Report

District Recognitions for October

  • Fall Athletics – All fall athletics made it into the playoff season this year. Congratulations to the students and their coaches! Well done!
  • NHS Blood Drive – National Honor Society had another successful blood drive having collected 29 units from students, teachers and staff.
  • Hall of Fame Banquet was a wonderful event attended many alumni, community members, faculty and students. I learned a great deal about our schools and the history and traditions in athletics. All inductees were honored with a plaque and stories were shared about their glory days and the bright futures they continued to have after Brewer High School.  Congratulations to David Utterback and the Committee for such a wonderful evening and event.
  • ASET Autism Safety Training occurred in October at the Performing Arts Center. This was a combined training for faculty, law enforcement and EMT’s in the community. It was very well attended and it was a big step in education of autism for our region. Thank you to Angela Moore and Chief Moffitt for collaborating on this presentation.
  • For Halloween teachers at the high school dressed up as Emoji’s. Thank you to Joanne Adair for leading this fun activity. The high school also recently participated in some team building activities that Samantha Pangburn will speak about later in her presentation.
  • Jazz All-State: Congratulations to Matt Mousseau as he was selected as a freshmen to play bass trombone in the All-State Jazz Band.
  1. Upcoming NEASC Report

            Meetings with Dr. Tony Gasper have been occurring to discuss the release of the High School NEASC (Accreditation Report) in the next few weeks.  This report will outline the commendations according to the standards that are assessed and give Brewer High School a list of recommendations that need to be completed in a 2-year and 5-year report.  We are having a conference call later this week to discuss whether we need a special report for this year based on the recommendations.

  1. Strategic Planning Committee Update

The committee met and had a productive meeting discussing objectives for the five areas in the strategic plan.  Our next meeting will be to place timelines to our objectives, as well as, who is responsible for each objective in the plan.  We are also planning our second community forum and staff feedback loop regarding the plan objectives.  Our goal is to bring the plan to the board in February for a first reading. 

  1. SRO/Admin Meeting on Truancy

We met as a team in October to discuss the truancy law and review our truancy policy and regulation.  As a team we reviewed a ten step process for our district in following state statute and updated the regulation.  Our next step is to meet one more time to finalize this process.  It is now required by the state of Maine to submit truancy reports quarterly.  Last year truancy reports were due once a year at the end of the year.

  1. BHS Student Council Meeting 

Met with the high school student council to discuss student voice and how they can play an active role in their school.  They mentioned several concerns that they would like to discuss and work on with the student body and the faculty.  The plan is to “vote” on their top priority, work with the teachers on a solution and then present to the school committee at a later date. We will be meeting during RTI time a couple of times a month to work on their ideas. Their areas of concerns are:

  1. During cold weather they would like to access the building through other doors first thing in the morning if possible? They understood safety concerns.
  2. They would like to have some bulletin boards that are designated by classes or organizations so that they can display or hang posters and information.
  3. They discussed access to the hallways prior to 7:45 in the morning.
  4. AM UTC misses part of RTI and asked if the bus that lines up at UTC can be moved to the front. This would get them back a few minutes earlier for more RTI time. Students claimed they love RTI time and are finding this very useful.
  5. They wanted to know if they could use laptops from home on school’s network? Possibly pass a bring your own device policy.
  6. They wanted to look at the cell phone policy and see about using their cell phones before school and at lunch time.
  7. PM UTC students would like to have a longer lunch time. Some feel rushed eating their lunch to catch the bus.
  1. BCS/DOE Building Visit and Next Steps

We want to recognize Mark Chambers at a future event for his 12 years on the school committee and his 5 years on the trustees.  As for the building issues at BCS, we will be reaching out to Valerie Chiang and Scott Brown at the DOE, to set up a meeting to discuss bid documents and an action plan.  Contacts to our attorneys regarding funding for these bids have also been made.  We are concerned about not having enough money left in the construction fund to cover the cost of repairs.

  1. Update on Bullying Statute and Quarterly Reporting

The State of Maine has recently changed the bullying statute and requires quarterly reporting.  This means changes to our bullying policy which you will see next month. 

  1. MSMA Superintendent’s Conference

This conference was on October 27th and 28th.  Kevin Forest attended with me on the 27th.  During this conference, I attended workshops on the following:

  • Building Stronger Communities through School Board Relationships
  • Running a Tight Ship: School Board Meetings and the Law
  • Protecting Students from Sexual Harassment and Sexual Abuse
  • Who is in Charge: Dealing with Employment Issues as a Board of Directors
  • A Collaborative Effort at Supporting PBE Teachers and Schools
  • Understanding the Rights of Transgendered Students in the Public Schools
  • Fix What Needs Fixing: Legal Pathways for Structural Change
  • Picking up STEAM: Using Integration to Engage and Get Results












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