Transportation Message – Safety during sub-zero temperatures

MEMA Encourages Caution with Dangerously Low Temperatures

December 29, 2017


AUGUSTA, MAINE —As sub-zero temperatures continue across the State, MEMA urges Mainers to use extreme caution to avoid hypothermia or even death.

The National Weather Service reports that very cold air will continue across the region this weekend and through at least the middle of next week with most locations unlikely to get above the freezing mark for the foreseeable future.

MEMA offers the following tips to help Mainers stay safe during the dangerously cold weather:

To Prevent Hypothermia, dress in layers, wear a warm hat – 30% of heat loss is through the head, wear a scarf and gloves. Infants should be in a room in which the temperature is 61-68 degrees Fahrenheit. Drink plenty of fluids and warm/hot drinks. Eat regular balanced meals to give you energy – good nutrition is important. Keep active when it’s cold, but not to the point where you’re sweating. Keep dry and change out of wet clothes as soon as possible. Cut down on alcohol, caffeine, and nicotine, since all three cause heat loss. Try to keep one room in the house warm. Ask your doctor if you are on any medications that affect your ability to maintain a steady body temperature (such as neuroleptic medications and sedative hypnotics).

Symptoms of hypothermia include decreased consciousness, sleepiness, confusion, and/or disorientation; shivering, pale or blue skin, numbness, poor coordination, slurred speech; In severe hypothermia, shivering decreases or goes away, and the person becomes unconscious and has very shallow breaths.

Winter Driving Tips and Holiday Travel:

If you plan to travel over the holiday weekend, be sure to watch the weather reports and plan accordingly.

Never warm up a vehicle in an enclosed area such as a garage to avoid Carbon Monoxide Poisoning. Make sure tires are properly inflated and in good condition. Check windshield wiper fluid, ensure the vehicle is clear of all ice and snow and never mix radial tires with other types of tires. Keep your gas tank at least half full to avoid the gas line freezing up or running out of gas and becoming stranded. Bring a fully-charged cell phone and program roadside assistance numbers.

If you become stranded in your vehicle, stay with the vehicle and tie a brightly-colored cloth to the antenna or use other distress signal. Run the engine and heater just long enough to remove chill to conserve gas.

Update the emergency kits in your vehicles with the items below and be sure to let someone know when and where you will be traveling and when you expect to arrive at your destination.

• A shovel 
• Windshield scraper and small broom 
• Flashlight 
• Battery powered radio 
• Extra batteries 
• Water 
• Snack food 
• Matches 
• Extra hats, socks and mittens 
• First aid kit with pocket knife • Necessary medications 
• Blanket(s) 
• Tow chain or rope 
• Road salt and sand 
• Booster cables 
• Emergency flares 
• Fluorescent distress flag

The staff at MEMA wishes everyone a safe and Happy New Year. For additional preparedness, shelter and safety information, please visit, or visit MEMA on Facebook or Twitter. Shelter information is also available by calling 2-1-1 or contacting your local town office, fire or police department.

SNAP Benefits Announcement

To all Families receiving SNAP (Food Assistance) benefits:

You may be eligible to receive additional benefits to replace food lost during the power outages experienced in our area last week.

You must call DHHS at 1-855-797-4357 within 10 days of the end of the outage.
DHHS will send you a form to complete and return. This is time sensitive–please call them as soon as possible.

AFJROTC Remembers 9/11

Today the Brewer School Department held two flag raising ceremonies, one at each school, led by our AFJROTC cadets.  Sergeant Tony Campbell read the following in remembrance of those that gave their lives on 9/11/01.

“On 11 September 2001 in the early morning as flights were taking off from various airports, four groups of terrorists took control of several flights.  American Airlines flight 11 and United Airlines flight 175 were diverted and flown into the North and South World Trade Center Towers.  American Airlines flight 93 was headed for Washington DC but several brave Patriots overwhelmed the terrorists and crashed the plane in a field outside Stony Creek Township in Pennsylvania.  On that day 2,997 people lost their lives and over 6,000 were injured.  So today we pause to pay tribute on this the 16th anniversary of that horrific day that did not weaken America, it only made us STRONGER!  Color Guard, Raise the Colors!”

Click here for photos from this morning.


Welcome to the 17-18 School Year!

It is hard to believe the end of August is closing in and students will be heading back into our schools shortly.  Teachers will arrive back into their classrooms next week for three days of professional development to prepare for the new school year.

Here are a few important dates to keep in mind as the school year begins.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017  Brewer Community School PreK-4 Open House 4:30PM-8:00PM

  • Click here for more specific dates and times for each grade level in the letter that was mailed home.

Thursday, August 31, 2017 Brewer Community School Grades 5-8 Open House 5:30 PM-7:00 PM

  • Click here for the letter that was mailed home.

Thursday, August 31, 2017 Brewer High School Grade Nine AND New Student Orientation Day 8AM-11AM

  • Buses will run to pick up and drop off students this day.

Monday, September 4, 2017 Labor Day No School Today

Tuesday, September 5, 2017  First Student Day PreK-Grade 12  Welcome Back Everyone!

Tuesday, September 5, 2017 BCS Fall Sports begin after school.  Please make sure your students have their physical examinations on file prior to team tryouts.  A physical exam is valid for three years.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017 Brewer High School Open House 6PM-8PM

New Bus Routes will be posted shortly.  We are waiting on final confirmation from Cyr Bus.  I am hopeful to have them posted for you by Friday, August 25, 2017.  Thank you for your patience.



August Superintendent Report

Superintendent of Schools 

School Committee Meeting

August 14, 2017  6PM

  1.  MSMA – Increased funding in budget comes with new rules, priorities (enclosure)  There will be an informational session by Drummond Woodsum on September 8.  I will be attending to get more information for the upcoming budget season.
  1. Athletic Meetings – I have been meeting with all eight high school teams to discuss new eligibility with parents and students.  This eligibility includes a separation of content grades and habits of work grades beginning the first quarter for all high school students.  The rubric can be found on the athletic web site.
  1. Golf Fundraiser – Congratulations to Mr. Utterback and everyone that volunteered.  The annual summer fundraiser brought in over 12K.  Thank you to the community, parents and athletes that volunteered their time. This money helps pay our MPA dues and helps fund uniforms for our students.
  1. TAP Renovation – Before you leave tonight, please poke your head into the TAP rooms.  The renovation is running ahead of schedule and coming along very nicely.  As a reminder, most of this renovation is being paid for by a grant we received.
  1. Administrative Retreat – (August 14-16) Administrators spent three days together planning for the start of school with teachers and students.  The retreat location was at our schools this year.
  2. District Enrollment/Student Count Numbers (enclosure)  Click here for enclosure. 

Note:  High school registrations have not been added.  This will be done on August 15.  More accurate data will be reflective in the September meeting.

  1. Summer Work Updates
    1. Preparing for Proficiency-based Education
      • Family Grading Guide – draft in process; will be posted on web page by start of school
      • Empower System – working to get all of our standards marked to our courses by start of school
      • Infinite Campus – working with IC to get our Habits of Work as a separate grade in IC for each course
      • ASL Standards – met with Mr. Wilbur to draft standards to align with our World Language standards to update in Empower
      • Habits of Work – redesigned our rubric to share with students and parents at eligibility meetings; teachers will receive more training on this during opening days of school especially at the high school
      • Website Update – updates are ongoing; a proficiency-based page will be added
      • TAP Renovations/BCS Floor Refinishing – on time and floor is done
  1. Admin Retreat/Planning for 17-18 Strategic Year – completed
  2. Title I and Title II Grants – completed
  3. EdYouSched Application Set Up for HS – sent to EdYouSched and waiting for login information to train teachers
  4. Job Descriptions Updated for District – all teacher/coaching positions updated; working on non-union descriptions currently
  5. Loss of funding to school based health clinic.  I am working with PCHC to find new funding and grant money.  Our clinics will run the same this year.