Staff Directory

Superintendent’s Office
261 Center Street

Brooks, Debbie—Administrative Assistant  Email Me
Gardner, Gretchen—Director of Business and Finance Email Me
Moore, Angela—Director of Pupil Services – 989-8636 Email Me
Rennebu, Jamie—Financial Accountant  Email Me
Rogers-Blanchard, Charity—Pupil Services/Director of Instruction SecretaryEmail Me
Towle, Cheri—Superintendent  Email Me
Ward-Downer, Renita—Director of Instruction – 989-8638  Email Me

Facilities Department
79 Parkway South 207-989-4140

Corey, Dana—Maint Apprentice  Email Me
Denis, Jamie—Custodian/Maintenance  Email Me
Houde, Amy—Custodian I Email Me
Lavin, Michael—Custodian II/Maintenance II  Email Me
MacDonald, Brian—Director of Facilities Email Me

Brewer High School Office
79 Parkway South 207-989-4140
Caron, Diane—Financial Secretary  Email Me
Fraser, Tania—HS Principal Secretary  Email Me
Goodrich, Tracy—HS Assistant Principal/Athletic Director Secretary  Email Me
Hodgins, Sandra—Food Service Director  Email Me
Pangburn, Samantha—Asst. Principal  Email Me
Sherman, Cathryn—High School Nurse  Email Me
Utterback, David—Athletic Director  Email Me
Towle, Cheri— Interim Principal  Email Me

Brewer High School Guidance Office
79 Parkway South 207-989-3760

Bennett, Perry—Guidance Counselor/Director  Email Me
Carney, Kristi—Guidance Secretary  Email Me
Sevigny, Emily—Guidance Counselor  Email Me
Whelden, Kelsi—Jobs for Maine’s Graduates, Career & College Specialist  Email Me

Brewer High School IT Department
79 Parkway South 207-989-4140

Waldron, Gary—District Technology Specialist  Email Me
Simko, Robert—IT Director   Email Me

Brewer High School Faculty
79 Parkway South 207-989-4140

Achey, Tia—Science  Email Me
Adair, Joanne—Science Email Me
Arthers, Nick—PE Email Me
Brydges, Tammy—Food Service Assistant  Email Me
Butilier, Jody—Ed Tech III  Email Me
Butler, Frances—Spec Ed   Email Me
Campbell, Anthony—AFJROTC   Email Me
Chapman, Rodney—Custodian I  Email Me
Chavarie, Stephanie—Ed Tech III  Email Me
Corbett, Terras—Ed Tech III  Email Me
Crosby, Brenda—Comp Tech   Email Me
Dapice, Deedra—Science  Email Me
Dawson, Daryl—Ed Tech III  Email Me
Dominick, Sarah—Math  Email Me
Doody, Donna—Food Service Assistant  Email Me
Doucette, Lisa—Ed Tech I  Email Me
Dube, Lorraine—Math  Email Me
Edwards, Gary—English  Email Me
Emerson, Jamie—Spec Education   Email Me
Everett, Christie—English  Email Me
Flagg, Scott—Occupational Therapist Email Me
Fraser, Deborah—Food Service Manager Email Me
Fraser, Jessica—Math Email Me
Gilmore, Patricia—Food Service Assistant  Email Me
Harris, Brady—Music   Email Me
Hendrix, Laura—Food Service Assistant   Email Me
Hincks, Edward—Custodian I  Email Me
Jeffrey, David—Instructional Strategist Email Me
Jeffrey, Michael—Social Studies  Email Me
Jordan, Andrea—Social Studies  Email Me
Klein, Laurence—Special Education  Email Me
Klekotka, Pamela—Spanish  Email Me
Kimball, Rich—Social Studies  Email Me
Laffey, Kendra—Food Service Assistant  Email Me
Lake, Johanna—Math I  Email Me
Libby, Arthur—Science  Email Me
MacDonald, Michelle—English  Email Me
MacEwen, Marion—Fine Arts  Email Me
MacLeod, Heather—Music   Email Me
Magnon, Scott—AFJROTC   Email Me
Martin, Andrea—English  Email Me
Maxsimic, Andrew—Computer Tech   Email Me
Morton, Michael—Science  Email Me
Napolillo, Kevin—Special Education  Email Me
Parizo, Marci – PT Social Worker Email Me
Peirce, Gayle—Librarian  Email Me
Pelletier, Breanne—Jr/Sr English & Yearbook  Email Me
Pelletier, Suzette—Math   Email Me
Penner, Nancy—Ed Tech III  Email Me
Porter-McLaughlin, Cynthia—Teacher  Email Me
Rand, Glendon—Science  Email Me
Ravan, Fred—Modern Language  Email Me
Richens, Michele—Social Studies  Email Me
Savage, Brenda—Food Service Assistant  Email Me
Savage, Mark—Physical Education/Health  Email Me
Simmons, Benjamin—Custodian III  Email Me
Spruce, Lori—Art  Email Me
Stowe, Scott—Modern Language French  Email Me
Szucs, Angela—Math  Email Me
Taggart, Herbert—Special Education   Email Me
Thornton, Tim—Social Studies  Email Me
Trebouet, Janessa—Modern Language   Email Me
Wellman, Paul—English  Email Me
Whitcomb, Dianne—Custodian I  Email Me
Wilder, Laurie—Ed Tech III  Email Me
White, Sarah—JMG  Email Me

Brewer Community School Office
92 Pendleton St.
Phone: 207-404-5700
Fax: 207-404-5730
Byram, Linda—Secretary, Principal/Asst. Principal Email Me
Eremita, Nancy—Financial Secretary   Email Me
Kahkonen, Allison—Instructional Supervisor  Email Me
Leithiser, William—Principal  Email Me
Richards, Jason—Assistant Principal  Email Me
Utterback, David—Athletic Director  Email Me

Brewer Community School Guidance
and Student Services
92 Pendleton St.
Phone: 207-404-5702
Fax: 207-404-5730

Blier, Susan—Guidance Counselor  Email Me
Craven, Amelia—Guidance Counselor  Email Me
Glanville, Alison—Director of Psychological Services  Email Me
Snowdeal, Nancy—Guidance Counselor  Email Me
Warmuth, Carol—Nurse  Email Me
Kelley, Ashley—Nurse  Email Me
Babineau, Beth—Secretary  Email Me

Brewer Community School IT Department
92 Pendleton St. 207-404-5700

Meherg, Berry—District Technology Specialist  Email Me
Simko, Robert—IT Director   Email Me

Brewer Community School Faculty
92 Pendleton St. 207-404-5700

Adams, Jayson—Special Education   Email Me
Allen, Craig—Grade 8  Email Me
Anderson, Judy—Speech  Email Me
Atwood, Catherine—Grade 7  Email Me
Barnard, Allyson – Special Education Email Me
Barry-Grant, Margo—Kindergarten  Email Me
Bean, Ashley—Title I Teacher  Email Me
Becker, Christopher—Ed Tech III  Email Me
Becker, Jennifer—Grade 2  Email Me
Benner, Sally—Grade 2   Email Me
Bosse, Heather—Ed Tech III  Email Me
Boucher, Anne—Special Education   Email Me
Brady,Christopher—Physical Education   Email Me
Breau, Cordelia—Kindergarten   Email Me
Bryant, Deanna—Grade 3   Email Me
Bryant, Sheri—Grade 2 Email Me
Burby, Thomas—Grade 7 Language Arts   Email Me
Cashman, Michelle—Ed Tech I  Email Me
Chambers, Alfred—Grade 6   Email Me
Clark, Marcia—Food Service Specialist  Email Me
Coffey-Roope, Cara—Grade 1   Email Me
Collenburg, Deborah—Title 1A   Email Me
Cuskelly, Carie—Grade 5  Email Me
Crawford, Kathryn—Grade 1   Email Me
Daigle, Debbie—Food Service Assistant  Email Me
Dalton, Sherry—Food Service Assistant  Email Me
Davis, Jessie—Grade 6   Email Me
Dominick, Robert—Grade 6  Email Me
Doody, Adam—Dishwasher  Email Me
Doten, Karen—Speech Specialist  Email Me
England, Teresa—Physical Education  Email Me
Dyer, Shawn—Physical Education  Email Me
Estes, Brian—Art   Email Me
Estes, Sarah—Grade 7   Email Me
Fick, Sally—Noontime Aide  Email Me
Flagg, Scott—Occupational Therapist Email Me
Fonrouge, Crystal—Grade 6  Email Me
Freeman, Jessica—Ed Tech III Title I  Email Me
Gabe, Pamela—Grade 7  Email Me
Gaitings, SueAnn—Chapter 104 Coordinator  Email Me
Dolley, Judy—Ed Tech III  Email Me
Geaghan, Rhonda—Grade 4   Email Me
Geaghan, Lindsay—Grade 4   Email Me
Goodall, Yvonne—Ed Tech I  Email Me
Gray, Priscilla—Crossing Guard  Email Me
Hall, Melanie—Ed Tech III  Email Me
Hand, Bonnie—Ed Tech I  Email Me
Higgs, Nicole—Grade 1  Email Me
Holyoke, Teresa—Librarian  Email Me
Holyoke, Glen—Grade 8 Reading  Email Me
Hutchins, Randy—Physical Education   Email Me
Jewell, Kaitlan—Grade 4 Email Me
Johnson, Mary—Food Service Assistant  Email Me
Jordan, Jennifer—Art   Email Me
Jordan, Lisa—Kindergarten   Email Me
Jundt, Janelle—SpecEd Teacher   Email Me
Kalel, Tammy—Ed Tech III  Email Me
Kelley, Patty – Ed Tech I Library Email Me
Kinney, Heather—Grade 4   Email Me
Hatch, Janice—Grade 2   Email Me
Khoury-Kelley, Kimberly—Ed Tech III  Email Me
Knowles, Heather—Grade 1 Email Me
Kumpa, Robert—Grade 8 Email Me
LaPointe, Shannon—Food Service Assistant  Email Me
Levesque, Dennis—Grade 5   Email Me
Libbey, Janice—Ed Tech I  Email Me
Lizotte, Marcia—Ed Tech III  Email Me
MacLeod, Heather—Music   Email Me
MacInnes, Cherrie—Grade 3  Email Me
Maybury, Teresa—Food Service Assistant  Email Me
McAvoy, Bertha—Food Service Assistant  Email Me
McDonough, Danielle—Grade 8  Email Me
McGinn, Pamela–Grades 5-6 Resource  Email Me
McGrath, Dennis—Grade 5  Email Me
Miller, Katherine—Grade 5  Email Me
Morang, Alayna—Grade 4, Title I  Email Me
Morin, Andrea—Special Education Email Me
Nadeau, Carrie—Ed Tech I  Email Me
Nadeau, Lanissa—Music   Email Me
Nordfors, Janet—Grade 4  Email Me
Parizo, Marci – PT Social Worker Email Me
Patterson, Jamie—Ed Tech III  Email Me
Perkins, Danielle—Kindergarten  Email Me
Raymond, Aimee—Grade 1  Email Me
Razo, Denise—Noontime Aid  Email Me
Richards, Laurie—Grade 1  Email Me
Ricker, Alexandria—JMG   Email Me
Rudnicki, Bernadette—Ed Tech I  Email Me
Russell, Heather—Noontime Aide  Email Me
Saucier, Karen—Instructional Strategist   Email Me
Schwigan, Katherine—Grade 6   Email Me
Scripture, Patricia—Grade 2  Email Me
Shaw, Kristen—Grade 8   Email Me
Shirland, Rhonda—Grade 5   Email Me
Small, Cynthia—Ed Tech III  Email Me
Small, Deana—Speech Therapist  Email Me
Snook, Meghan—French/Spanish  Email Me
Snow, Melissa—Food Service Manager  Email Me
Sperrey, Victoria—Ed Tech III   Email Me
Spring, Kris-Anne—Ed Tech III   Email Me
Stowe, Laura—Special Education   Email Me
Thibodeau, Kelly—Ed Tech I   Email Me
Walters, Nicholas—Grade 7  Email Me
White, Brian—Grade 5-8 Life Skills Email Me
Willette, Christine—Ed Tech III   Email Me
Willey, Lorna—Kindergarten   Email Me
Winchester, Jan—Grade 5  Email Me
Yule, Deborah—Kindergarten   Email Me


Bloodworth, Steven—Alternative Education   Email Me
Morris, David—Alternative Education  Email Me

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