Brewer School Based Health Center Staff

Serving All Brewer Students PreK-12
Hours: Monday-Friday 8 am - 4 pm when school is in session.

The Brewer School-Based Health Center(SBHC) is a medical clinic that has been established as a partnership between the Brewer School Department and Penobscot Community Health Care (PCHC) to provide accessible medical, dental and mental health services to Brewer students. Treatment provided at Brewer SBHC will not take the place of your primary care provider but will work to complement the care your child receives from their primary care provider without the need to leave school for appointments. If your child does not have a Primary Care Provider, Brewer SBHC will provide that service upon parent’s request.

  • Medical Services
  • Dental Services
  • Mental Health Counseling Services
How to make an appointment?

Call the health center directly to schedule an appointment.
High School: 992-2456 Brewer Community School: 992-2393

Services offered at the Student Health Center:

  • Treatment of acute illness or minor injury (sore throats, bronchitis, muscle strain, etc.)- the Nurse Practitioner is able to write or call in prescriptions if needed for treatment
  • Management of chronic health conditions (acne, asthma, allergies)
  • Testing and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases
  • Physical exams (including sports physicals)
  • Immunizations
  • Preventive dental services (screening, cleaning, sealants)
  • Mental health and substance abuse counseling.

The Student Health Center staff consists of an experienced certified physician assistant, dental hygienist, licensed therapist and medical assistant.

The school nurse and guidance counselors are not members of the Student Health Center staff, but will work closely with our team to coordinate student referrals into the clinic and assist with follow-up as needed.

Parent Involvement

The Student Health Center staff invites parents to be an integral part of a student’s health care plan. Parents are welcome to call or make an appointment to come in to the Student Health Center with questions or concerns about their child’s health or accompany them to a Health Center visit as appropriate. Staff will make every effort to inform parents about their child’s diagnosis and treatment when appropriate.

How will I be billed if my child is seen in the health center?

A bill will be sent to your insurance provider or MaineCare. Bills not covered by insurance will be mailed to the parent/guardian for payment.

We work to ensure access to services for any Brewer student, at the request of the parent or guardian, (regardless of your ability to pay the full fee.)

An Affordable Care Plan with sliding fee scale is available to families who do not qualify for MaineCare but have limited income. For more information, please call the Brewer SBHC.


By law, all medical, dental and mental health information kept in a student’s health record is confidential. Only SBHC staff will have access to your child’s health record. No records or information will be released from the Penobscot Community Health Care/Brewer SBHC without written consent from the student or parent. Maine State Law allows students to seek services for issues related to mental health or substance abuse without requiring parental notification. Students are always encouraged to share their health concerns and treatment information with their parents.

Brewer SBHC will maintain secure, confidential patient information in an electronic medical record.

After Hours Care:

If Brewer SBHC is your child’s Primary Care Provider, for weekends, holidays and school vacations please call Brewer Medical Center at 989-1567. Walk-In Care is available at Brewer Medical Center, 735 Wilson Street, Brewer, 8 am - 8 pm Monday-Friday and 9 am - 4 pm Saturday/Sunday.

Necessary Forms to Enroll Your Child:
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