Our Proficiency-based Learning System

The following page has been developed to help our families understand our learning system as we transition to our proficiency-based learning system. This page will be updated regularly with small snapshots of information regarding our system and will answer frequent questions we hear from our stakeholders. We have started to answer these questions in our proficiency-based family grading guide.

  • PBE Presentation January 16, 2018 - Click here

  • Brewer School Department Proficiency-based Learning Quick Guide - Click here

  • Family Grading Guide - Click here

  • Habits of Work Rubric - Click here

  • Academic Eligibility - Click here

  • Brewer Curriculum Overview - Coming Soon

  • Brewer Curriculum Measurement Topics and Learning Targets for Each Content Area - Coming Soon

  • Assessment Data - Coming Soon

Proficiency-based Learning 101

Proficiency-based Learning Videos

College AdmissionsColleges and universities see transcripts from all around the globe. Viewing proficiency-based transcripts is just another type of transcript that colleges and universities need to review for admittance into their schools. At Brewer, our transcripts include GPA, a listing of courses, measurement topic scores, and special recognitions for going above and beyond in the student’s learning. Click here to view our transcript reporting policy. We will post a sample transcript soon.