New Bus Routes

Good Afternoon Everyone,

Now that Eastern Avenue is passable, we have posted updated bus runs on our district website. If your child/children ride the bus, please double check approximate pick-up and drop-off times as well as which bus letter they will be riding. Please keep in mind that this construction impacted several buses, so EVERYONE should double check the updated run. New runs will begin tomorrow morning, October 5, 2016.

Click here to download updated bus runs: 2016-2017 Updated Bus Routes

Also, this is a reminder that there is no school on Friday, October 7, and Monday, October 10. On Friday we will be having a teacher workshop day, and on Monday we will be observing the Columbus Day holiday.

Have a great evening!

Superintendent’s Report September

6:00PM, Monday, September 12, 2016
Brewer High School Lecture Hall
Superintendent’s Report
1. District Recognitions for August
a. Glendon Rand –Coach of the Year – Recognized by David Utterback and the Brewer School Department for his accomplishments and commitment to his students and the community during the Spring 2016 track season.
b. Cherrie MacInnes was notified that she was a finalist for the Teacher of the Year. The Maine State Review Panel will visit Brewer Community School during the week of September 19-23. We will be notified of the exact date shortly. The state has provided a suggested schedule of events for the day.
The State Review Panel will base their scoring on:
• Classroom organization and instructional delivery (includes – student
engagement, creativity, relevance of teaching content to the “Guiding Principles
of the Maine Learning Results”)
• Relationship with students, colleagues, school administrators, and community
• Personal and professional traits
• Overall impression (includes but not limited to alignment of professional portfolio
and school observation)

The State Review Panel Members are: Tayla Edlund, 2016 Maine Teacher of the Year; Karen MacDonald, 2014 Maine Teacher of the Year; Bill Nave 1990 Maine Teacher of the Year; Rachelle Tome, Chief Academic Officer, Maine DOE; Peter Geiger, State Board of Education; Rich Meserve, Head of School, Katahdin School, 2009 Milken Educator, and Dolly Sullivan, Program Director, Educate Maine.

Congratulations to Cherrie! I wish her continued success with her students, parents and colleagues. Cherrie was recognized in front of her colleagues during the Opening of Schools Professional Staff Development with applause, a standing ovation, hugs and flowers. Brewer School Department is proud of her and knows she represents the many quality teachers we have within the Brewer School Department.

c. Teresa Holyoke was named a committee member of the Maine Chickadee Award. This is an honor to be selected to this committee. As a selected participant, she was recognized for her extensive background in literacy and her experiences as a librarian. Since she was selected, this means that publishers send books to her to evaluate and the school gets to keep them. For BCS, this means about 300-400 new picture books for our collection for free!

2. Strategic Planning Committee Update

Our next strategic planning meeting is on September 22, 2016 at 6PM in the BCS Conference
Room D. During this meeting, our agenda will include a review of our work, setting of Brewer
School Department Outcomes aligned with the vision, mission and core values, and a review
of focus areas: curriculum and instruction, professional development, resources and
management, commitment to community, physical and technological infrastructure.
3. Opening of Schools Update

Administrative reports will share out on how this went in each of their buildings and programs.
However, I want to thank everyone for their dedication to a smooth start to the year. Walking
through the buildings on Day One, it seemed like students had been in school for months! Kudos
to a well-planned opening and to the administrative team and faculty for their efforts.
4. Administrative Retreat/BSD Goals

Day One: Our focus on Day One was to start by giving an update on each of our schools and
departments. We then moved into District Goal Setting and “unpacked” our vision and mission
statements discussing how important these statements were to help drive our goals for the year
and the decisions we make as an administrative team. We reviewed our professional
development plan for the year that is aligned with themes (provided in your packet) and
brainstormed how to engage the district, community and update policies to align with this work.
These outcomes and strategies are outlined on Brewer School Departments Vision 2017
(provided in your packet). We also focused on our faculty meetings and discussed how these
will look in each of our buildings focusing on the professional development our teachers need to
accomplish our goals for the year.

Day Two: Our focus for Day Two was on teacher feedback and improving practices within our
classrooms to impact student growth. We watched a video by Ken Robinson, How to Escape
Education’s Death Valley. This video provided three clear steps to improving student data:
individualize teaching and learning, invest in professional development to support the work of
teachers, and empower teachers at the school level. We reviewed the new evaluation forms for
teachers and administrators. All administrators were provided professional development on
providing feedback based on evidence and aligned to rubrics and standards. Walkthroughs and
frequent feedback were also discussed and how to commit ourselves to frequent feedback for

Day Three: Our focus on Day Three was on planning our three-day opening session with the
entire faculty. We created the opening three-day schedule, reviewed an agenda for our new
teacher orientation, and participated in a webinar training on Empower, our new proficiency-
based management software system.

Please see the following documents provided in your packets:

1. Teacher professional development themes for the year
2. Vision 2017 for Brewer School Department
3. Day 2 Faculty Training on Growth Mindset