End of the Year Faculty Slide Show

To end our year as a faculty, a presentation was given to celebrate where we have been, where we currently are and the exciting road ahead for our school department.  We will be creating our storyboard which will chronicle “our story” as we deliver on our promise of our new school department vision, mission and core values.

Here are the two presentations that were given on the last day of school.  The first is a visual of where our educational path and a celebration of the school year.  The second was a farewell video of our colleagues.

Closing Presentation

Farewell Video

I wish everyone a wonderful and safe summer!  See the teachers on August 29; freshmen on August 31; and all students on September 1st.

Cheri Towle, Superintendent

Superintendent’s Report July


Regular Meeting

6:00 PM, Monday, July 11, 2016

Brewer High School Lecture Hall

Superintendent’s Report

District Recognitions for June

  1. Cherrie MacInnes has been selected for the next round of Maine Teacher of the Year. We wish her well as she prepares her documents for the next step in the process and her interview process. Her beliefs around engaging students in the classroom through authentic learning experiences is commendable.
  2. Graduation was a beautiful event. We had 160 graduates this year and a special guest from the military surprise one of our graduates with a homecoming. Our chorus sounded beautiful, and Mr. Wall, Ms. Whalen, Mr. Ruhlin, and Mr. Maxsimic are to be thanked for a wonderful graduation.  Congratulations to all the graduates and their families.
  3. Closing ceremonies for our faculty were held on June 16th. We started the morning with a wonderful breakfast, and I’d like to thank Sandy Hodgins and crew for our tasty beginning to our day.  I presented on our “Storyboard” focusing on where we have been, where we are and where we are going building on the strengths of all in the room and learning from each other.  This storyboard will become a display and will be added to in the District Office hallway.  We also had awards for our faculty for their years of service, recognized our retirees, and had a closing video with a soundtrack from our Music Department with quotes from those leaving the Brewer District this year.

Strategic Planning Committee Update

 We met and celebrated our hard work for the year.  We made final recommendations based on the feedback survey we sent to the “ALL” mail group in the Brewer email system.  We had over 100 participants and a 97% approval rating on our vision.  We were pleased with the feedback, tweaked a few things and will present this policy to you later in the agenda.  We will continue our work next year bringing forward the focus categories and objectives for the district.

BCS/DOE Building Visit and CISV

Jerry Crouter from Drummond and Woodsum and I have discussed our building concerns with William Faucher from Allied Engineering.  This person will be helping us oversee the issues at BCS and helping Brian collect the evidence we need as we move forward on our repair issues and documenting any workmanship issues.  We have fixed the hot water issue within BCS in time for the Children’s International Summer Village (CISV) to begin.  They moved in on July 7th and will be using two wings of our building for the month of July as dormitories.

Administrative Retreat Plans 

The Admin Retreat will take place on August 10-12.  Our agenda will include the following topics: Empower (our new proficiency-based tool), Supervision/Evaluation Calibration and reflect on SLO data, MCCL curriculum and professional development timeline, New Teacher Orientation, District Goals for 2016-17 (SMART), Admin Evaluation Time (Peer Review & Observations of Admin giving feedback), Going over the 3-day kickoff, Mini-Walk-Throughs Feedback Form, Other

Admin folders will be created to include the following: dates of supervision meeting, site visits, A-team meetings, observation meetings.

Renita and I will be meeting on July 12 to plan the three days’ agendas.

Location:  TBD

End of Year DOE Reports

The following end of year DOE reports have been submitted:  Regional School Calendar, Student Enrollment Responsibilities, Behavior Reporting, Special Education Exit Reporting, Truancy, Attendance, Staff Data Requirements, PEPG Submittal.  These were all submitted on time.

The restraint and seclusion report is due on July 15th and will be submitted this week.