Letter heading into December break, 2020


 Dear Brewer Schools’ Families,

As we approach the upcoming December break we face a continued surge of COVID-19 cases across Maine with an increasing number of schools dealing with positive cases within their communities that have caused more temporary shutdowns and quarantining in order to prevent spread of the virus.

As in November, the Maine Center for Disease Control (MCDC) is reminding us all to be careful when visiting other households or hosting others in our own homes. In order to keep our schools open, we in the Brewer School Department are remembering to adhere to these keys to safety in Brewer Schools when we’re in session, but they are also good to keep in mind during busy times that involve interacting with people we don’t see on a regular basis. 

As we look to head into the new year it is our to be able to keep offering our in-person school days until the day comes when all our staff and students can be together school week after school week. Until that time we will adhere to the rules which is a show of support for one another.   

Travel restrictions remain in place across the nation, including here in Maine. Travelers going from one state to another are once again required to either self-quarantine for 10 days or have a COVID test immediately upon arrival at their destination in another state. People should quarantine while waiting for the results of their test. For Mainers, the only exempt states at this time are New Hampshire and Vermont. Also, if students travel out of state please submit a copy of their negative test results before they return to school in January. This can be a screen shot emailed or faxed to your student’s school, or a hard copy that needs to be viewed by the school nurse. Alternatively, if you plan to complete a 10-day quarantine before having a student(s) return to school then please call your school to avoid any concerns regarding consecutive missed days, and also so we can help coordinate providing academic work.  

See this Travel Guidance FAQ document from the State of Maine’s Keep Maine Healthy Plan for up to date information.

Further information may be found at this State of Maine Travel Updates site. Also, here is a link to our revised 2020-2021 A/B calendar just to remind you of our rotation coming out of the break. 

Be safe, have a restful break, and happy New Year's to you and your loved ones; and please reach out with any questions.


Gregg Palmer, Superintendent of Schools