Brewer High School students Omair Khan, Ryan Young, Emma Butterfield, Cooper Parlee, Grace Goodwin, Isabella Black, Jackson Day, Zachary Arnold and Lily Eubanks joined 400-500 other international participants at the University of Maine for the annual Camden Conference on February 25th and 26th. The Camden Conference is a forum of 12-14 international experts, scholars, and scientists from around the world who meet annually for an informed discourse on world issues. 

This year’s theme focused on Europe: Challenged at Home and Abroad. Programs of the Camden Conference were designed to promote knowledge, perspectives, and dialogue opportunities on world affairs with high school and college educators and their students. The conference also offered a competitive research-based essay contest for Maine high school students. 

The Brewer High School students had to prepare themselves by reading multiple books, conducting independent research, and holding discussions on European global contemporary issues. Kudos to all nine students who put all the time and effort into a cause important to them! 

For more information about the Camden Conference, click on the following link. Camden Conference