Fall 2020 Placement Information

May 1, 2020

Dear Parents and Guardians,

In our preparation to make student placement decisions for the 2020-2021 school year, we have several important factors to consider.  At each grade level we will do our best to maintain an equal distribution of:

  • class size

  • boys and girls

  • individual student academic and social-emotional needs

  • socially balanced groups to reduce potential peer conflicts

  • special program requirements (e. g., Special Education, 504 Plans, Title I services, Speech, OT, PT, and Enrichment)

Please understand that our top priority is balancing the needs of all of our students, and requests for specific teachers cannot be guaranteed.  Our goal is to place each child into a learning environment which will enhance his/her academic, social and emotional growth.  Your child's academic strengths, learning style and modality, relationships with his/her peers and personality will all be considered as we make assignments for the next school year.  While parents may elect to offer information regarding their child as a learner, the information provided should be pertinent to their child’s learning and not otherwise available to the school.  In such instances, the information identifies specific learning characteristics of the child to further inform the placement process.  This information should be shared with your child’s current school counselor, through email, no later than May 15th for consideration.  

acraven@breweredu.org K-2 School Counselor

sblier@breweredu.org 3-5 School Counselor

nsnowdeal@breweredu.org 6-8 School Counselor



Jason Richards, 5-8 Principal

Allison Kahkonen, PK-4 Principal

Samantha Pangburn, Assistant Principal