Dear Brewer School Department Families and Staff,

With the new approval of the Pfizer vaccine for students at least 12 years old, the Brewer School Department will offer vaccine clinics at both Brewer Community School (BCS) and Brewer High School (BHS).

The BCS clinic will happen on Wednesday, May 19, 2021. Details will follow from the school, but in order to be eligible a student will need a consent form signed by their legal parent/guardian and have that returned to the school prior to May 19. These forms will be made availble to all eligible families and students. This will cover many 6th graders (who are at least 12 years old), 7th, and 8th grade students.

The BHS clinic happen on Thursday, May 20, 2021 for A cohort students and Friday, May 21 for B cohort students. Again, details will follow from the school, and a consent form will need to be signed by a student's legal parent/guardian and have that returned to the school prior to May 20 in order to reserve a dose of vaccine. This will cover our freshman class, many of whom are 15 years old, and any other BHS student who has yet to receive a vaccine but has decided they would like to have one.

By having these clinics next week, the agencies we are working with can provide the second dose of the Pfizer vaccine before students are out of school for the summer break.

Please review the dates above and reach out to the schools or central office with any questions. No student will receive a vaccine shot if a parent/guardian does not want them to. This is voluntary for each family.

It is our hope that we can create as much immunity to the virus as possible in order to keep everyone safe and to create the conditions to have a more normal 2021-2022 school year, with as little need for quarantining as we can manage to achieve.

Thank you for your consideration and support, and thanks to Penobscot County Health Care (PCHC) for providing the clinic at BCS, and to Bangor Drug for setting up the clinic at BHS. They are both great partners to the Brewer School Department.


Gregg Palmer